Our History

Conde de la Vega 1984

It all began in 1984, when a self-help group for women was formed, in a small house in a poor neighborhood in Lima Central called Conde de la Vega. I taught sewing these women and taught them how to make children’s clothing using old clothes in exchange they gave me my first lessons in Spanish, while my first project began construction there. With the help of many friends, we got enough money to build a popular dining and, on the first floor, bedrooms for families. After this project they asked me to agree to be the coordinator of a small health post New Year, Comas. I accepted and worked at this health post for many years by a doctor. Right there began another self-help group and craft named’Obra Social’.

Helping communities going out of poverty

At that time I could not even imagine that this support will eventually become the foundation of an organization with many projects and programs. Once started, I could not stop, I wanted to start other projects that could be of importance for the future of children and youth in Peru. These are the most important for a better future and thus a more dignified existence that is accessible to all steps. In the early years it help much focused on malnourished children and consequent diseases that, due to the lack of attention by the state in those years. I remember with great admiration for mothers of these children, who did their best work in the Social Work project to improve their economic situation. After many years, ADESA became an organization that has helped many families.


ADESA, Association Development of Education and Health is a nonprofit organization that since 1984 began work in Peru in areas of poverty that make human settlements invasions and North Cone of Lima. ADESA is percipient Grants Management under Resolution N° 049-0050032704 and is empowered to give donation certificates. ADESA is registered in the APCI as ONGD by Directorial Resolution No. 627-2018 / APCI-DOC and has RUC No. 20136458923. This inscribed in Item No. 01856235 Registry of Legal Entities of the Registry Office of Lima as percipient entity donations. ADESA considers that education and health are essential for the development of a country therefore has raised the mission of contributing to improving the quality of services both in the most deprived areas of Peru supporting cases of medical needs, educational and social. In general , the goal of our institution is to improve the quality of life of low – income people, for which you work in:

  • provide health services at low cost;
  • Reduce the high rate of infectious diseases through preventive strategies;
  • Improve existing education and create new educational opportunities for children and youth with the desire to provide better prospects for the future;
  • Seek support for new projects with the goal that these will develop and operate independently.


ADESA is registered in APCI RD 627-2018 and is a recipient of donations according to SUNAT RI No. 0490050036297. It is registered in the Public Records Item 01856235
Calle Eli Aguirre 126, Int. 401 Miraflores, Lima, Perú.
(511) 778-2300