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Providing medical services since 1986 - Comas

About The Program


ADESA, in its commitment to the welfare of children, observed in the district of Comas and other districts of the Northern Cone of Lima, that many children with disabilities, both physical and mental, did not receive rehabilitation treatments, because in the area There was no rehabilitation service for people with disabilities. In addition, children with disabilities of limited resources were in a situation of abandonment, because their parents could not afford the high costs of moving to a Rehabilitation Center and the costs of rehabilitation therapies. That is why, in 2005, ADESA, thanks to the donations received, implements the Rehabilitation Center Program for Children with Disabilities, which operates on the second floor of the Medical Center, where children, adolescents and youth with physical disabilities and mentally, they access the services of Rehabilitation in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Language Therapy at a low cost.

Currently, the ADESA Rehabilitation Center Program has suitable environments and facilities and the best possible equipment for children to receive their rehabilitation treatments according to their disability. Therapists are specialists who care for children, with love and dedication. Also, it has the support of a psychologist and a social worker. In addition, of the therapies, the Rehabilitation Center organizes several activities, such as orientation workshops for parents to care for their children with disabilities, sports olympics, Christmas celebration, etc.
With the donations and financial help of people, companies and institutions, in the last 10 years, the ADESA Rehabilitation Center, more than 125,000 care or rehabilitation therapies have been carried out for low-income children.

The ADESA Rehabilitation Program for Children with Disabilities, has registered more than 100 children with different physical and mental disabilities that come from low-income families, who do not receive rehabilitation treatments. These children, not receiving their rehabilitation therapies, deteriorate their disability and lose opportunities to improve their health, quality of life and do not progress in their development. For this reason, help is required in order that these children with disabilities, in poverty, receive their rehabilitation treatments through Physical therapy, occupational therapy and Language Therapy.

Each child has a special treatment according to his Diagnosis and recommendations of the medical report. On average, each child for their comprehensive rehabilitation treatment receives 27 therapy sessions per month. Which are distributed in 9 treatments per specialty (9 physical therapy, 9 language therapy and 9 occupational therapy).


ADESA is registered in APCI RD 627-2018 and is a recipient of donations according to SUNAT RI No. 0490050036297. It is registered in the Public Records Item 01856235
Calle Eli Aguirre 126, Int. 401 Miraflores, Lima, Perú.
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