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About The Program


ADESA believes that education is one of the factors that most influences the progress and progress of people and societies, in addition to providing knowledge, good education, it gives people, mainly, with low economic resources the opportunity to Have a better future. That is why, ADESA, develops its educational program in areas of poverty in order to provide quality education to families with few economic resources.


In 1989, in a small hut, with 18 students, ADESA, began its educational program in the Los Rosales Human Settlement, in the district of Ancón, peri urban area on the outskirts of Lima (Km 39 of the North Pan American Highway). At that time, the homes in Los Rosales were built with simple materials and did not have water, sewer or light connections. At that time, children and youth in the neighborhood had limited access to education service due to the lack of state schools in this area.

Throughout these years, thanks to the donations received, the I.E.P ADESA school was growing little by little, from a simple little choir to a school with several classrooms. Today, the ADESA school has two places of noble material, one for the initial and primary students and the other for secondary school students. Currently, we provide education to about 250 children and adolescents from 3 to 17 years old. During these 28 years we have served 4,500 students in total.

The objective of the ADESA educational program in Los Rosales has always been to offer a quality initial, primary and secondary education at low cost for children and adolescents in the area, thus encouraging their personal development and contributing to their future. The ADESA Educational program, in addition to providing comprehensive humanistic, value-based scientific training, promotes Christian moral formation and encourages
inclusive education.

In the I.E.P ADESA school, the curricular curriculum is developed according to the directives of the Ministry of Education. Also, all students, from initial to secondary, receive computer and English classes and participate in cultural and sports arts (dance, music, theater) artistic skills workshops. There is also a Science Laboratory, where students carry out experiments and put into practice research techniques. Also, there is a psychological Department to provide students with support in their emotional and social problems and advise parents on how to deal with their children’s behavioral problems and the relationships of their family environment.

In recent years, in the area where the ADESA school is located, it has had a strong population growth, with more human settlements: Villa Estela and Pachacutec. This explosive growth means that more children are going to have to access an educational institution. To meet this growing demand for children who require quality educational services at low cost, ADESA, is looking for donors, individuals, companies or institutions that want to help these children have a good education and give them a better future.



ADESA is registered in APCI RD 627-2018 and is a recipient of donations according to SUNAT RI No. 0490050036297. It is registered in the Public Records Item 01856235
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